The Greene CEO class set up a booth at the annual Bloomfield Apple Festival to share the program! The weather cooperated beautifully and with the help of members of the CEO Committee the booth was a success! Brochures were prepared and passed out and many interested students and parents were made aware of the program. Brayden and AJ were instrumental in finding the location and setting up the tent. Classmates Jennifer and A J manned the booth on Fri with Brianna, Braylee and Catie providing insight on Sat. A cup stacking game drew a lot of attention with candy as the prize. Mr. Jeff Ellington, State Representative, stopped by learn about the program as well. The class learned firsthand what it takes to plan for an event of this nature. It was definitely a team project. Now being veterans of festivals, they will be ready to support the Linton Fall Arts Festival this coming Sat, 12 Oct.

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PTP It wasn't the decision to cross the road that got the squirrel killed, but the indecision he encountered when he got to the middle.

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