Violet & Co— it's a new business in downtown Linton, but business is nothing new to its owner, Jenny Bradbury.

Jenny recently met with Greene County CEO at her newly-acquired flower shop located on Main Street. Violent & Co is housed in the former Shae Lynn/A Place Called Home/May’s Flower Shop building. Jenny and her brother purchased it earlier this year following a life-long love of flowers. Jenny says as a little girl she remembers watching soap operas that had fresh flowers on the table and remembers thinking, “When I have my own home, I will always have fresh flowers.” When Jenny bought the already established flower store, she wanted to have her own vision and plan. Part of that vision includes remodeling, which is currently underway. Jenny says as the new owner, it's important to share her vision with the employees, so they too can be excited about the changes that are coming. "Change is hard for everyone, so it is important to communicate to make it as easy as possible. Employees have been great and are adapting to changes very well. Some things I will not change. Funerals for example, are a big part of the business and will remain very traditional." One thing that's different is Brumates— Jenny is adding the specialty cups to her inventory. She also started offering hand-tied bouquets, which she says has increased foot traffic in her store.

Students learned this is actually the second local business Jenny has owned. She used to operate a daycare when her daughters were young. Jenny says owning a flower business is very different than she thought it would be. She told students the best part of the job is deliveries because of the people she meets. Jenny says one of her biggest challenges is long-term planning for the economy. She's already starting to plan for 2024 weddings and quoting in advance while not knowing prices is difficult.

Jenny says, “Family is important to me. I love that we can work together. My mom, daughters, and my husband are all involved with the store on a regular basis. It has been a good, collaborative learning and growing experience for my daughter who is a marketing major in college. We’ve learned from each other and truly love that part of the business." Jenny says she's also grateful for the previous owners who she says set an example for what she will want to do when she chooses to retire.

Thank you, Jenny, for sharing your business with Greene County CEO! Best of luck with your upcoming holiday open house on November 12th!

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