Catherine Miller

About Me

Catherine Miller is part of the senior class of 2020 at Linton Stockton High School. At my school, I participate in many different activities including National Honor Society, Flags and Dance, Band, History Club, and German National Honor Society. I also help with the lights and sound for school productions. Outside of school, I am a member of the local bowling team and have taken part in four State Bowling Tournaments. After high school, I plan on attending college to become a Marine Biologist. I believe the CEO class will teach me important skills such as confidence, independence, and versatility that are needed to be a successful advocate for ocean life. "You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop." ~Rumi

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DISC Characteristics

  • Decisive - How you tend to approach problems and make decisions
  • Interactive - How you tend to interact with others
  • Stabilizing - How you tend to pace things in your environment
  • Cautious - Preference for establishing protocol/standards